Current Leaders

  • President: Ivo Josipović
  • Prime Minister: Zoran Milanovic


Last Presidential elections took place on the 27 December 2009 and 10 January 2010. The next Presidential election is to take place in late 2014 or early 2015. The date will be determined by Parliament.

Last Parliamentary elections took place on 4 December 2011. The next elections for the Parliament of Croatia are to be held no later than February 2016.

Last Croatian local elections took place in 2009. Next local elections are planned to take place in 2013


The political system in Croatia is defined by a parliamentary, representative democratic republic framework, where the Prime Minister of Croatia is the head of government in a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government and the President of Croatia. Legislative power is vested in the Croatian Parliament.

The prime minister is nominated by the President of Croatia from among those candidates who enjoy majority support in the Croatian Parliament; the candidate is then chosen by the Parliament. There are 20 other government members, serving as deputy prime ministers, government ministers or both; they are chosen by the prime minister and confirmed by the Parliament.

Since 23 December 2011, the prime minister of the government has been Zoran Milanović. There are four deputy prime ministers: Vesna Pusić, Neven Mimica, Branko Grčić, and Milanka Opačić. The government ministers are from the Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP), the Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats (HNS), the Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) and two are independent politicians.

Croatia is headed by President Ivo Josipović who was elected in 2010. The Sabor, the Croatian parliament, consists of 151 members who are elected through proportional representation conducted in 10 geographical constituencies. In each constituency 14 parliamentarians are elected.

Prime Ministers Since 2000

Assumed Office Prime Minister Political Party
27 Jan 2000 Ivica Račan Social Democratic Party of Croatia
30 July 2002 Ivica Račan Social Democratic Party of Croatia
23 Dec 2003 Ivo Sanader Croatian Democratic Union
12 Jan 2008 Ivo Sanader Croatian Democratic Union
6 July 2009 Jadranka Kosor Croatian Democratic Union
23 Dec 2011 Zoran Milanović Social Democratic Party of Croatia

Presidents Since 2000

Assumed Office President Political Party
18 Feb 2000 Stjepan Mesić Independent
18 Feb 2010 Ivo Josipović Social Democratic Party of Croatia

A detailed report published by the OECD has concluded that the conduct of the presidential elections and the handling of the numerous governmental crises confirm that the democratic processes are well embedded in Croatia’s political system. Although horizontal governance management systems remain insufficiently robust, a number of actions aimed at strengthening all three branches of government show positive developments.

The report by the European Commission titled “Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2010-2011” in 2010, established that “democracy and the rule of law have been strengthened. The government and the parliament have continued to function effectively. Freedom of expression, including freedom and pluralism of the media, is provided for by law and is generally respected. However, editors and journalists continue to report on political pressure. Problems with the independence of local media remain.”

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